Working on a new journal

The past few days I have been working on a new journal. About a month ago I was in this little shop and noticed this very old and worn book with no spine and the cover was just barely hanging on by a few threads. It was a 1958 first edition of The Modern Family Cook Book by Meta Given. I took it home and pulled the front and back covers off the book and decided to remove the pages one by one until they were all removed. They all seemed to be there but most of them were stained with food and well worn with age.

I didn’t take any photo’s of the book but here is an image of what it  WOULD HAVE looked like, IF it were in better condition:

1958 The Modern Family Cook Book by Meta Given

So far I’ve put in a new spine, added some scrappy fabric pieces to the back cover and some scrappy fabric snippets to the front cover. I already sewed in the signatures (aka the pages) and have been decorating them with all sorts of vintage “cooking themed” type ephemera.  Most of the time when I add signatures to a book I will have the strings from the signatures on the inside of the book and tie each one with a little bow. Well, this time I decided to try something different so I placed them on the outside and I added some beads to the end tails of the strings to jazz them up some, lol. A few of the pages have handmade fabric ruffles that I created using vintage fabric, some distressed snippet rolls of paper and some vintage lace sewn to the edges to decorate them further.

This is one of the first times using some of the digitals that I purchased off of Etsy and it has turned this little book into an adorable looking cooking themed journal. And, I can’t wait to get it finished so I can take some pictures of the inside and outside of this sweet little book. I’m also going to try my luck at making another flip through video and “fingers crossed” that I will be able to do that with the video camera I have. I really need a new one that works all the time and isn’t so persnickety. lol.

Because I’ve been adding so much stuff inside the journal I decided to use a closure this time. I’m using one of those tiny little hitching post closures from Tim Holtz on the front cover and added a metal eyelet to the back cover and tied a red & white checkerboard ribbon in a bow to the eyelet to use as the string to close the journal. It looks really nice next to some of the red fabric ruffles that are peaking out the side of the journal. For the spine I used a strip of vintage fabric that is tan with red stripes and in between each stripe are red hearts running down each side, I also added some red buttons to the spine with my glue gun as an after thought because I had already sewed in the signatures and I didn’t feel like doing them all over again, lol.

So, it’s coming along and I only have a few more pieces left to distress and add to the journal on the inside and then the journal will be complete. I am very excited to let everyone see it and am quite proud of myself for putting so much detail into making it. I just hope everyone else will love it as much as I do.

So, thanks for stopping by and hugs, PL (aka Mod Girl)