Times they are a changing

Well, if you haven’t noticed already. The name of this site has changed from Mod Girl Crafts to Junk Journal Supplies. Sometimes changing your site name is a good idea when you own a domain name that will get you better hits in the search engines, lol. That was one of the main ideas I had when I purchased the domain name Junk Journal Supplies.

For those who don’t know what a junk journal is it’s exactly as it sounds. It’s a journal that is created using things you have laying around your desktop after you’ve been busy crafting for awhile. All those leftover pieces of scrapbook paper, ribbon, lace, cardstock, etc.. goes into making a junk journal. People originally started making junk journals using junk mail that you would receive in your postal mail box but since we get less junk mail these days most people use the scraps they have left from scrapbooking or crafting all day.

Now, since the name of this site has changed I will be offering supplies to others who enjoy making junk journals too. And even if you just enjoy crafting in general or scrapbooking, some of these supplies might come in handy also. So, look around in my shop because you never know what you might find, lol.

Also, if you’re a crafter who makes junk journals and would like to sell your journals but don’t have a store to sell in, I do take commissions. In other words, whatever you want me to sell for you I will take a small percentage of your profit as payment. The percentage will be the norm which is usually somewhere around 10% of whatever the total price of the item you are selling comes too. So, if you are interested in that, drop me a line anytime and I will showcase your product here on this site and send you your funds (after taking my commission) to your paypal account. And, if you don’t have a paypal account, I can also send it to you by way of a money order if you like. Although sending it by postal mail will take longer, and with the way the mail is these days, who knows WHEN you’ll actually receive it, lol. But let me know HOW you want to get paid no matter what when you contact me about selling your journals, crafts or other hand made items you want to sell. You can use my email address below to drop me a line:

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