About The Give Away!

Well, I had hoped someone had taken me up on the offer for the giveaway but alas, no one ever did. I might try it again in the future but for now, I got bigger fish to fry, lol. And, in the mean time, I’m going to be having a sale in my shop. All my digitals will be reduced in price and some of my junk journals will also be for sale as well.

So, thanks for stopping by and thanks for visiting my site. I really do appreciate it. Hugs, PL aka Mod Girl

Flower themed Junk Journal

Before I get to the new product, I wanted to let you know that I had to dig out my old Canon Power Shot digital camera that I bought years ago to take pictures of this junk journal. And I’m not sure if all of you know this or not but, I don’t have a cell phone, I have a landline. I know, I am probably the only person on this planet who doesn’t have a cell phone, but I chose not to have one. I like staying at home, I live in the country, I don’t need a tracking device or need to update my information on what I am doing 24/7 to others. I like my life just the way it is and if that upsets some people, oh well. I guess you can just call me old fashioned or something, lol.

So, I bought me a video camera one day off ebay and it worked pretty well for awhile and then all of a sudden it just stopped working. So, now I am back to using my old reliable stand by, lol. So far it hasn’t let me down either so maybe I will just stick with it instead of spending more money on something that works only a short period of  time.

Anyone else ready for SPRING yet? yeah, me too, lol.

Spring Is In The Air

I just finished work on a new junk journal with a flower theme. Below is a preview and you can find it in my shop by clicking on the preview below:

Flower Themed Junk Journal