Troubles with videos

So, I was in the middle of filming a video of a flip through of my new journal and my video camera went caput. lol. So, I ordered a new one off Amazon and it should be here on Tuesday. Hopefully I can start filming some videos and upload them very soon. I had been wanting to do some “craft with me” videos for awhile now but each time I try with that video camera there would always be some sort of problem. So, I made the decision to get a new video camera and that should fix all the problems I was having. Well, one can only hope, lol.

Now, I am busy working on 3 journals. I used some manila file folders for the covers and each one has pockets on the inside front and back covers. It wasn’t hard to do, lol. All there was to that was to fold the ends in and you got a couple of pockets on both sides. Easy peasy! Anyway, as soon as I get my new video camera I can take a video of a flip through on those 3 journals also. Hmm. looks like I’ll be doing a lot of video taping in the coming few weeks, but it should be a real learning experience, lol.

So, anyhoo. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day and hugs, PL aka Mod Girl