1958 Cookbook Journal


This is a 1958 cook book that I turned into a journal. The spine was completely missing and the inside covers were scratched and ripped. I added a new spine and covered the inside front and back covers with a vintage kitchen themed fabric. For the outside cover I used fabric snippets and did a few larger pieces of fabric snippets because the back cover was scratched up significantly.

This journal includes 3 signatures that have a vintage kitchen theme. It is loaded with pockets that hold a large assortment of kitchen themed ephemera along with old hand written recipes and other vintage ephemera. The spine has been decorated with a strip of vintage fabric and red buttons down the side length of it. The string from the signatures are on the outside of this journal so I added some red and gold colored beads to the end of the strings to decorate them further.

This journal would make a great gift for anyone who loves vintage cook books,  moms who have grown children and remember the good old days of cooking for the family or just as a nice gift for a newly wed. Because of the high cost of shipping to other countries I’m afraid I can only ship to the US for the time being. If things change, I will be able to change that but for now, sorry, that’s the way it is for the moment.
The flip through of this journal can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6kr67XYQZQ

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1958 CookBook Journal