Crafting Blues

I sometimes wonder if others who craft ever get the crafting blues. You know, when you want to do something in your craft room but you look around but cannot decide on anything in particular? Yup, that’s me right now. I honestly don’t know if it’s because I see hubs walk past me while I’m in my craft room and he just gives me these dirty looks all the time. He says I’m a hoarder and that I need to get rid of all this stuff. And when you try and explain to him that the stuff you are using are all tools he just looks at you like your crazy or something. BTW, I am married to a hoarder. He works at a wrecker yard where they scrap cars and most of the time he brings home all sorts of junk he finds in cars and car parts, tools, construction items, etc… But he calls ME the hoarder. That’s really funny.

Yes, I agree. I do have a lot of crafting stuff but most of it was up in the attic and when I decided to bring it all down so I could start using it he went nuts and started having an attitude about it. Now, think about that when I tell you that not even once have I even mentioned to him about all the crap he brings home on a regular basis. And when I say all of the crap I mean it ends up sitting in the living room or on the counter in the kitchen most of the time until I find a better spot for it. His clothes closet is full of tools. He has stacks of them on top of each other all over the bottom of the closet and on the shelves above. And he calls me a hoarder, lol. Yeah, uh, huh. sure. Whatever. LOL.

Anyway. I have been watching some videos on youtube of other people crafting and making journals and trying to get some sort of motivation about crafting but so far, nothing. I think it has something to do with the fact that I really don’t know what design esthetic I really like (where junk journals are concerned). I mean I made my first one after following a junk journal tutorial on youtube. It was very vintage feeling and very distressed inside and out to make it look old. And although I do like vintage stuff I tend to like retro stuff much more so maybe I should focus on doing that instead of vintage pieces.

Oh, that reminds me. I haven’t had any sales yet here in my shop. And the end of the giveaway is coming to an end very soon, so if anyone would like to be eligible for the giveaway you’ll need to spend at least $10 dollars worth of products in my shop before you’ll be eligible. BTW, I do have some digitals in my shop right now  for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a junk journal. Just thought you’d like to know that, lol.

Okay, well, I guess I better get back to trying to do something, lol. Take care everyone and hugs,

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A Brand New Give Away!

I am pretty new to all this junk journal stuff and the first time I actually saw what a junk journal was is when I saw a video on youtube of Gayle Agostinelli doing a altered book with vintage scrapbook papers and ephemera. It’s like this light bulb went off in my head and I kept thinking; Why haven’t I been making those myself? I mean, I have pretty much done everything I can think of where crafting is concerned but this was something completely different and I was hooked after watching Gayle’s video. Plus, I figure since I had most of the supplies to make the junk journals in the first place that I might as well try my hand at this too. So that’s what I did and I haven’t looked back since, lol.

I actually don’t do any journaling myself. As a young teen I did have a diary though so I guess you could call that journaling if you wanted too. But although I do enjoy working with paper I also tend to revert back to my quilting. Quilting is something I did years ago and when I say I made quilts I don’t mean a few either, it was more like hundreds of them, lol. Yeah, it was a business and I was pretty good at it too. But things change, they always do and life always seems to get in the way. So, now I am starting back up with some little quilts and you’ll see some of those in my shop before too long. It might take me awhile but I will get there, lol.

But…you really didn’t come to this page to read all about any of that, so lets get onto why you are really here and that’s the give away. So, here we go:

In order to be eligible for this giveaway you’ll need to create an account in my shop and purchase (at least) $10 dollars worth of my products. Now, there IS a reason behind this; hubs has told me that if I don’t start making some money pretty soon with this crafting stuff he’s going to have me start getting rid of all my crafting supplies because they are taking up too much space in the house, lol. Well, yeah. I have a lot of crafting stuff but who doesn’t? I mean when you are a crafter you collect stuff to use to craft with. That’s pretty obvious to me but then again, he’s a man and apparently you can’t tell them anything about crafting without them rolling there eyes at you.

Now the item that I’ll be giving away is the very first junk journal I ever made. I made it after watching Gayle’s video of the altered book. It was a lot of fun and I did everything just like she explained. All the pages and ephemera that are strewn throughout the junk journal have been heavily distressed with vintage photo. I used vintage themed scrap book paper on each page along with coffee dyed paper (that I did myself). Here’s a preview of what the journal looks like along with a few screen shots:

Altered Book Junk Journal 1 Altered Book 1 Altered Book 1Altered Book 1

This journal has a lot of pockets and LOTS of ephemera also. In fact, it has a gator mouth already and you can either keep it that way or you can remove all the ephemera that is stuffed all throughout this journal and just use it for writing like that. That choice is completely, up to you IF you win this journal when the giveaway starts.

The giveaway will be held on; Friday – April 2nd, 2021 @ 12:00 (noon) EST. All customers names (who made a purchase of $10 or more) will be added to a hat and a single name will be drawn @ noon on Friday – April 2nd, 2021.  Good luck to everyone who enters this giveaway! BTW, you only need to make 1 purchase of the $10 amount to be entered in the giveaway. That includes your total amount. If your order total amount goes below the $10 mark then you won’t be eligible for this giveaway.

To create an account in my shop click the link “My Account” at the top of the page or you can click on the Sign In/Register link above that. Either of those links will take you to the account signup page or to your home page if you’re already registered and logged into my shop. If you need help with that please let me know. You can leave a comment on this post or you can send me an email by using my email address below:

Mod Girl Crafts email button

Time for a de-stash!

Okay folks. My craft room is in need of an over haul so I have to let a few things go. To start with, I recently picked up some vintage books from ebay and from thrift stores. You will find a lot of those for sale in my shop right now. I know the prices might seem a little high at first, but if you consider the fact that I am offering free shipping with everything I sell here in my shop, then those prices tend to make more sense.

Besides books, I also have some fabric de-stashing I want to do as well. But that’s going to take some time to pull all of it out from the boxes I have stashed all over my house. I used to be a quilter years ago so I have collected quite a bit of fabric in my life time, lol.

And, I don’t know if anyone would be interested in any crafting supplies, but I have a few of those that I will be letting go very soon too. I also have a rather large collection of ribbon that I need to de-stash. It’s going to take a little time to go through all of this stuff but as soon as I can, I will add all of those to my shop as well. So please keep checking back every now and then to see.

thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.

Digitals Added to the Shop!

Well, I finally got some digitals added to my shop. I created a few of these before and somehow deleted the files by mistake. Not sure how that happened, but I figured it was about time I made some new stuff anyway, lol. BTW, I am also trying to restructure my shop into much refined categories. It’s not an easy process apparently because I keep having to go back and re-fix things every few minutes, lol.

thanks and hugs, Mod Girl

Another Book Haul from ebay!

I don’t know why but ebay (of all places) seems to be the “go to” place to find old books these days, lol. Besides all the vintage homemaking books I have collected off of ebay there were many children’s books that I have managed to snag as well. Below are a few previews of the ones I have currently found off ebay:

vintage children's books vintage children's books vintage children's books vintage children's books vintage children's books vintage children's books vintage children's books vintage children's books vintage children's books vintage children's books vintage children's books vintage children's books

There are a few of these old children’s books where the insides have scribbling  on them and the spines are starting to fall apart so I will probably make those into little junk journals and upload them to my shop later, but the other ones I will keep for my collection.

Besides all of these vintage little children’s books, I also found a few other vintage homemaking books as well:

vintage homemaking books vintage homemaking books

vintage homemaking books vintage homemaking books vintage homemaking books

Flower themed Junk Journal

Before I get to the new product, I wanted to let you know that I had to dig out my old Canon Power Shot digital camera that I bought years ago to take pictures of this junk journal. And I’m not sure if all of you know this or not but, I don’t have a cell phone, I have a landline. I know, I am probably the only person on this planet who doesn’t have a cell phone, but I chose not to have one. I like staying at home, I live in the country, I don’t need a tracking device or need to update my information on what I am doing 24/7 to others. I like my life just the way it is and if that upsets some people, oh well. I guess you can just call me old fashioned or something, lol.

So, I bought me a video camera one day off ebay and it worked pretty well for awhile and then all of a sudden it just stopped working. So, now I am back to using my old reliable stand by, lol. So far it hasn’t let me down either so maybe I will just stick with it instead of spending more money on something that works only a short period of  time.

Anyone else ready for SPRING yet? yeah, me too, lol.

Spring Is In The Air

I just finished work on a new junk journal with a flower theme. Below is a preview and you can find it in my shop by clicking on the preview below:

Flower Themed Junk Journal

Free Gift With Every Purchase!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve made up a bunch of little mini junk journals. Some are good for keeping notes or making lists, and others are really small and heavily decorated with lace and vintage fabrics. Some are simple little journals you can grab and throw in your purse before you head to the store and a few are accordion style slender journals. A lot of these little journals  are covered in fabric while some are just covered with heavy scrapbook papers.

So, I was thinking that since it would be a waste of time trying to sell these tiny little things I would just give them away as free gifts for purchasing my products. So, here’s how that will work. For each order you make, you will receive 1 of these little journals as a gift from me. Nice, huh? In other words, the more stuff you buy from me, the more free stuff you’ll receive from me too, lol.

And for those of you who don’t like surprises I have included a few previews below of these little journals so you can see what I am talking about, lol:

Vintage Fabric Covered Mini Junk Journal

Vintage Fabric Covered Mini Junk Journal

Vintage Fabric Covered Mini Junk Journal

Itty Bitty Mini Junk Journals

Part 2 of New Products

Okay, here we go with part 2 of the new products I wanted to tell you about. Next up is a lovely old book called; “Edge Water Beach Salad Book” 1934 by Arnold Shircliffe. BTW, I have a screen shot of the book (in it’s previous condition) for you on this one:
salad book
This book has been gutted, with the spine still intact, but the spine has been reinforced to strengthen it. I think the thing I loved most about this old book was the green ivy all over the cover. I’m telling you, they sure knew how to make old books back then didn’t they? lol. So, as you can see by the label on the front of the book it was in need of changing so I did a collage of different vintage style images and glued them to the top cover. Before the images were glued however they were all sewn with a single stitch around each image to highlight each one. And the edges of all the images were distressed with vintage photo distress ink from Tim Holtz. This book has 3 signatures and can be used as a glue book or a regular journal as there is plenty of writing space inside.

Next up, is a book from 1954 called Mary Anne by Daphne Du Maurier. Here’s a screen shot of the book before it was altered:
Mary Anne
Just like the book above, this book was also gutted and the spine was reinforced to strengthen it. The spine was also covered in lace, 1 red yoyo made from some vintage fabric along with some vintage buttons. The front cover had to be cleaned and I noticed as soon as I started to clean it that the ink they used in the cover was starting to come off on the rag I was using. So, I let it air dry after cleaning and then added 2 coats of sealer to the entire cover afterwards. There are 3 signatures inside this journal and it can also be used as a glue book or a journal because there is plenty of writing space inside.

This next book is called; “The Gardener’s Bug Book” 1956 by Cynthia Westcott (screen shot below) and the inside of this book had a lot of problems, lol. Most of the pages were torn out, some scribbled on and others couldn’t be saved at all. But for some reason the outside cover was immaculate. So, you can imagine my surprise after I opened it and saw the damage that had been done to it. Both inside covers (front and back) had scribbling all over them so I decoupaged images all over. The spine was in good shape but I reinforced it anyway and recovered the inside with vintage fabric. On the top cover I added a fabric collage which includes vintage fabric, vintage lace, vintage trim along with 3 fabric yoyo’s. And because the book cover was so plain to begin with, I added a smaller fabric collage to the back cover as well. This book was created as a glue book and I have included an envelope full of images that you can use to glue on the pages also. Of course, you can use it as a regular journal as well because there are some pages inside that can be written on.

bug book

Next up, is an old 1968 Better Homes and Garden’s Holiday Cook Book (screen shot below, before it was turned into a junk journal). The cover was in perfect shape so I didn’t do anything to it. The spine was removed because it was already falling apart so I added my own and dressed it up with some green, checkered vintage fabric and on top of that fabric I added 3 small squares of red vintage patterned fabric and topped it all off with round yellow buttons after the signatures were all sewn in. I was going to add some other type of buttons but the round buttons reminded me of cookies and they are the same color as the cover so, that’s what I went with. In all, I really like how this one turned out. It includes 3 signatures and the theme of most of the papers inside are Christmas related. You know, holiday recipes and such? Plus there is some Santa’s mixed in just for fun, because what is Christmas without Santa, right? lol. This particular book was created as a glue book but could be used as a regular journal too. Included is a special Christmas themed envelope that is stuffed with holiday themed ephemera to get you started.

holiday book

And finally I have 2 smaller journals that I made that have only 1 signature each to them. The reason for this is because both of these books were in great condition. The first book is called; “Songs For Every Purpose and Occasion” 1938 by Hall & McCreary Company. Screen shot below:
song book
A lot of the pages were torn out but the rest of the book was in perfect condition. So, I gutted it, reinforced the spine and sewed in the signature. This one was created as a junk journal which you can use to write in or glue stuff inside it. I have embellished it a little with pockets and ephemera inside.

The next book is called; “April House” from the 50’s. Sorry, I don’t have a screen shot for this book but it has a really nice front cover. And, again the cover was exceptional but some pages inside were scribbled on and the spine was alright but I reinforced it anyway and covered it with matching vintage fabric. Both inside and back covers were scribbled on with black magic marker so I collaged over all the inside with assorted images. And, just like the Song Book, this journal has only 1 signature but can be used for a glue book or as a regular journal. It has also been embellished with pockets and ephemera throughout.

So, that’s it for now. I hope you’ll go visit my shop soon and see these really nice journals after they’re added to it. Besides all these journals, I’m also working on some digitals and some tiny quilts to add to my shop too. Time, it all takes time you know. Wish there were more time in the day to do all the stuff that I wanted, but alas… lol. HUGS!!

New Products Coming Soon!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I have 14 new products to add to my shop. They’re all junk journals that I have been working on and they are almost complete. I just need to add some finishing touches to them and then add some pics and maybe a few video flip throughs (if I can get my video camera to stay on long enough to accomplish that, lol).

So, let me tell you a little something about all of them to peak your interest. All are mostly from old books that were well past the point of salvaging in one way or another. Well, all except one but I will tell you about that some other time, lol. BTW, almost all the journals I made have 3 signatures each except for the last 2 journals I will be adding to my shop.

I have 2 Black Beauty books that had pages missing and most were torn and damaged so I will be using some of those for ephemera to dress up some journals. The books covers themselves were in pretty good shape except for the spines so I had to redo those completely. One of the Black Beauty books cover was a lot better shape after it had a good cleaning. I was very surprised about how well it came out. These 2 books are both glue books but can also be used as regular journals also because they both have pages added to them that can be written on also. I was going to embellish them a whole lot but decided against it because I figured whoever bought them would want to do the embellishment themselves.

So, I have included an envelope stuffed with all sorts of images (for each of the journals) that can be used in each of these. Some of the images are from Tim Holtz Ideology ephemera so there are quite a bit of vintage type images to be used also. But, of course if you want to use them in other projects, that’s alright too, lol.

Next up are 3 children’s books. 1 is a writing journal and the other 2 are turned into ring binders. The titles of these are; Richard Scarry’s Color Book, Walt Disney’s Pinocchio and The Puppet Theater (a former popup book) and Playtime for Nancy. The Richard Scarry book was in pretty good shape except for the spine and some ink writing on some of the pages. The Pinocchio book was in really bad shape. I guess mainly because it was a popup book and someone loved it very much. So much so, that the popups were completely torn and tattered so the only thing that was salvaged was the book cover itself. All of these cute little binder journals have all sorts of ribbon, tattered vintage fabric strips, sparkly mesh, and lace tied to the binder rings as decoration along with some handmade charms.

Playtime for Nancy is a lovely little book (Wonder Book from 1951) and the inside page was one of the pages that was saved which has the date of the copyright on it (1951). This book was in need of a lot of care and love to get it in to shape. I was able to salvage a few pages but the rest were either colored on with ink and crayons or were badly torn and tattered.

And just so you know, I went all out with this little Wonder Book, lol. The cover was cleaned twice with mild soap and a damp cloth and between each cleaning it was air dried before it was cleaned a second time. The book cover has a wonderful old age patina to it. Along the left and right sides of the cover (inside and out) I glued on some vintage fabric to enforce it because the sides were heaving degraded and I was afraid to add anything too heavy so I chose fabric. The spine had to be redone so I covered it with some old fabric and some cute buttons after the signatures were sewn into the book.

There were 2 places on the cover that needed to be fixed so I covered each with some fabric snippets, lace and a little button to each (front and back cover). The inside has been embellished with all sorts of ephemera. Some of the old pages that were in the book were made into pockets and some pages from other old children’s books were used also. There is coffee dyed papers, colored papers, scrapbook paper, ledger paper and other book pages added to this little journal so there is plenty of writing space in it. And after I did all that I went through my box of charms and added some of those to the ends of the string I used to sew into the journal (6 charms total).

Oh dear, this page is getting pretty long so I will start a part 2, lol. See ya on the flip side and hugs!

Flea Market Finds + Book Haul

Hi guys, how’re you all doing? I went to the beach this weekend to visit some thrift stores and the flea market and snagged up a few things (mostly books, lol). And, I also went on to ebay this weekend and did some searches for old cook books and will you just look at what I came up with. BTW, the Better Homes and Gardens cook book (below) that have more than 1 preview, well I bought 4 of those in total, lol). Yeah, I kinda went a little crazy but each book was so cheap I couldn’t believe the prices they wanted for each one and some I actually had to bid on to get, but the prices were still very low.


All  the books below, I found at the flea market along with all the children’s books too.

I don’t have any previews for all the children’s books that I bought but some are very old. There were over a dozen or so Little Golden Books from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. And at the 1 thrift store that we visited I found almost a complete set of Child Craft encyclopedia’s from the 60’s and some old Ideals magazines and books from the 70’s too. There were 2 really old Webster’s dictionary’s that I picked up along with a few other Better Homes and Garden books. I still can’t get over this yumminess book haul, lol. Now, I have to get busy making some more stuff to put in my shop. Of course, I still have to wait a few more days before I get the books I got from ebay but I can get started on all the rest of it right now. woohoo. hugs, Mod Girl.