I get questions all the time about my shop and other questions about selling my products so I thought I would add a FAQ page for those who are interested. Below are a few of the questions I am always asked and if there is a question you’d like to ask but don’t see below you can contact me using the email address at the bottom of this page and I will add that question to this page for anyone else who might be interested too. Thanks for asking all these questions so let’s get started:

Question #1: Why don’t you sell on Etsy?
Answer: I get this question all the time and the main reason is because they charge you fees for selling. PayPal is the main method of accepting payment on Etsy and they also charge you fees for selling. I figure since I already use paypal why would I need Etsy? So, I opened my own shop and sell my goods from there. Also, customers don’t have to worry about problems that exist with Etsy that they never fix. Like trying to make a purchase and you get an error and the error page says it won’t accept your payment and to try another payment method. BTW, my credit card is on file at PayPal and since using PayPal is the main method of paying at Etsy then it should work when checking out, RIGHT? Well, nope it sometimes throws an error page at you and it happens to me on a regular basis when I try to checkout using Etsy. And here’s the funny part; I can purchase stuff from other vendors at Etsy but from some vendors I will always get that stupid error page. And when you ask Etsy about it they say it’s PayPals’ fault. And when you ask PayPal about it? They blame it on Etsy, lol. Go figure. lol.

Question #2: You’re a crafter and make journals but do you make anything else?
Answer: YES. I love crafting and have been crafting since I was knee high to a grass hopper, lol. However, I do seem to get burned out on doing the same crafts after doing them for so long. Paper seems to be the only thing that I have found that I never get bored doing. I guess that’s because there is so much that you can do with paper. But I do like machine sewing and embroidery, crocheting, knitting and quilting.

Question #3: What is the hardest crafting you’ve ever done?
Answer: Hmm. Well, I don’t know if you would actually call it crafting but I would say upholstering furniture was pretty hard to learn but after I got the fundamentals down it wasn’t too hard afterwards.

Question #4: Where do you live?
Answer: I live in North Carolina (out in the country) and about an hours drive from Myrtle Beach, SC.

Question #5: Why do you use the name “Mod Girl’ online and not your real name?
Answer: Family and friends call me by my real name online while internet friends call me Mod Girl. It’s not that unusual to have an internet username that people know you by. Mine just happens to be “Mod Girl” because I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. Some people refer to that as “retro” but I’ve always considered it to be “Mod”.

Question #6: Are you married and for how long?
Answer: Yes, I’ve been married for 30 years.

Question #7: How old were you when you started crafting?
Answer: I was around 5 years old.

Question #8: What do you like most about crafting?
Answer: I think it would have to be the creativity part. Sometimes when I’m sitting down doing some crafting, I get lost in doing it. I can turn off the entire world and focus on the crafting only. It’s like a safe place to go to after you’ve had a rough day or had to deal with stuff (or people) you didn’t want to deal with. I think crafting frees the soul and takes you to a place where all your problems disappear and you are the master of your own universe (if only for a short period of time). And seriously, who wouldn’t like that feeling? lol.

Question #10: Name 1 thing you don’t like about crafting in general.
Answer: That’s easy for me. I like to try tutorials from other crafters sometimes and the main reason for doing that is to LEARN HOW they did it and try and do it myself. Well some video tutorials I started out watching didn’t go as expected. They tried to copy something they saw someone else make and they flubbed it up somehow. And the thing is, when you are watching a tutorial and trying to do the same thing you end up messing it up because THEY didn’t go to the trouble to learn how to do it in the first place. I guess they had a look at the thing they saw someone create and they said to themselves; “Hey, I can make that easy!” Well, apparently they spoke too soon, because I have ended up with a lot of left overs from stuff that I thought was going to be pretty that turned into scraps for other crafting projects.

I hope that last FAQ doesn’t rub anyone the wrong way. But it happens to be one of my pet peeves because it has happened a number of times from watching craft tutorials at YouTube. And that’s one of the reason’s why I stopped watching so many of them. So, I’m sorry if anyone’s offended by that but I did receive that question so there it is.