How About A Coupon Code!

How about saving a little money next time you buy any of the journals in my shop? Well, you can do that starting today until June 1st by using the coupon code below. Just add the coupon code to your order BEFORE checking out and you’ll save a few bucks! Sweet huh? So, here’s the coupon code I created for you:


Thanks for stopping by and have fun shopping! hugs, PL aka Mod Girl.

(digital’s are not included with this coupon code, sorry)

Database went down need to re-register

Hi everyone and sorry for the bad news but late last night my database went down and anyone who registered to my site will need to re-register all over again. These things do happen but it is rare. I found out that if you don’t update your database before you update the system the database can go down and that must have been what happened last night.

Anyway, my system has been updated and my database has been fixed and apparently what happened was a glitch or something that hardly ever happens. But anyone who has registered at my site will need to re-register because I now have a new database to work with. Sorry for the trouble! hugs, Mod Girl

Video Uploaded!

Well, I finally got my video uploaded over at youtube and it sure took forever, lol. I don’t know what the deal is with youtube lately but it seems like it takes that much longer to upload videos for some reason. Maybe it’s some new kind of algorithm they are using or something, I honestly don’t know.

I’m also embedding the flip through video below for those who don’t want to go visit youtube. And you can find this journal in my shop here:

Thanks for stopping by and hugs, PL (aka Mod Girl).

Cook Book Vintage Journal

So, I finally got a video flip through made for this new vintage themed cook book journal I just completed. But since it’s the weekend I haven’t been able to upload a video to youtube just yet. I was going to do it today but because we use a streaming tv service, the wifi would be a little slow for watching movies, and hubs likes to watch movies on the weekends.

Anyway, I’ll just do it in the morning when I get up. Hubs likes to sleep in, but not me. I’m always up at the crack of dawn, lol.

Okay, so I just wanted to let you know that I had an awful time trying to use my video camera. The rig I have doesn’t work for the new video camera I recently purchased, so I had to order a new rigging for it. I ordered it from Amazon and it should be here sometime next week. And hopefully when it’s all setup I’ll be able to start making some “craft with me” videos. I’ve been wanting to do those for awhile ever since I started watching others make stuff.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to let you all know that I didn’t forget about the flip through video. I already made the video but I’m gonna be a little late uploading it is all. And hey ya’ll, I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! Take care and hugs, PL (aka Mod Girl)

Times they are a changing

Well, if you haven’t noticed already. The name of this site has changed from Mod Girl Crafts to Junk Journal Supplies. Sometimes changing your site name is a good idea when you own a domain name that will get you better hits in the search engines, lol. That was one of the main ideas I had when I purchased the domain name Junk Journal Supplies.

For those who don’t know what a junk journal is it’s exactly as it sounds. It’s a journal that is created using things you have laying around your desktop after you’ve been busy crafting for awhile. All those leftover pieces of scrapbook paper, ribbon, lace, cardstock, etc.. goes into making a junk journal. People originally started making junk journals using junk mail that you would receive in your postal mail box but since we get less junk mail these days most people use the scraps they have left from scrapbooking or crafting all day.

Now, since the name of this site has changed I will be offering supplies to others who enjoy making junk journals too. And even if you just enjoy crafting in general or scrapbooking, some of these supplies might come in handy also. So, look around in my shop because you never know what you might find, lol.

Also, if you’re a crafter who makes junk journals and would like to sell your journals but don’t have a store to sell in, I do take commissions. In other words, whatever you want me to sell for you I will take a small percentage of your profit as payment. The percentage will be the norm which is usually somewhere around 10% of whatever the total price of the item you are selling comes too. So, if you are interested in that, drop me a line anytime and I will showcase your product here on this site and send you your funds (after taking my commission) to your paypal account. And, if you don’t have a paypal account, I can also send it to you by way of a money order if you like. Although sending it by postal mail will take longer, and with the way the mail is these days, who knows WHEN you’ll actually receive it, lol. But let me know HOW you want to get paid no matter what when you contact me about selling your journals, crafts or other hand made items you want to sell. You can use my email address below to drop me a line:

Mod Girl Crafts email button

Troubles with videos

So, I was in the middle of filming a video of a flip through of my new journal and my video camera went caput. lol. So, I ordered a new one off Amazon and it should be here on Tuesday. Hopefully I can start filming some videos and upload them very soon. I had been wanting to do some “craft with me” videos for awhile now but each time I try with that video camera there would always be some sort of problem. So, I made the decision to get a new video camera and that should fix all the problems I was having. Well, one can only hope, lol.

Now, I am busy working on 3 journals. I used some manila file folders for the covers and each one has pockets on the inside front and back covers. It wasn’t hard to do, lol. All there was to that was to fold the ends in and you got a couple of pockets on both sides. Easy peasy! Anyway, as soon as I get my new video camera I can take a video of a flip through on those 3 journals also. Hmm. looks like I’ll be doing a lot of video taping in the coming few weeks, but it should be a real learning experience, lol.

So, anyhoo. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day and hugs, PL aka Mod Girl

Working on a new journal

The past few days I have been working on a new journal. About a month ago I was in this little shop and noticed this very old and worn book with no spine and the cover was just barely hanging on by a few threads. It was a 1958 first edition of The Modern Family Cook Book by Meta Given. I took it home and pulled the front and back covers off the book and decided to remove the pages one by one until they were all removed. They all seemed to be there but most of them were stained with food and well worn with age.

I didn’t take any photo’s of the book but here is an image of what it  WOULD HAVE looked like, IF it were in better condition:

1958 The Modern Family Cook Book by Meta Given

So far I’ve put in a new spine, added some scrappy fabric pieces to the back cover and some scrappy fabric snippets to the front cover. I already sewed in the signatures (aka the pages) and have been decorating them with all sorts of vintage “cooking themed” type ephemera.  Most of the time when I add signatures to a book I will have the strings from the signatures on the inside of the book and tie each one with a little bow. Well, this time I decided to try something different so I placed them on the outside and I added some beads to the end tails of the strings to jazz them up some, lol. A few of the pages have handmade fabric ruffles that I created using vintage fabric, some distressed snippet rolls of paper and some vintage lace sewn to the edges to decorate them further.

This is one of the first times using some of the digitals that I purchased off of Etsy and it has turned this little book into an adorable looking cooking themed journal. And, I can’t wait to get it finished so I can take some pictures of the inside and outside of this sweet little book. I’m also going to try my luck at making another flip through video and “fingers crossed” that I will be able to do that with the video camera I have. I really need a new one that works all the time and isn’t so persnickety. lol.

Because I’ve been adding so much stuff inside the journal I decided to use a closure this time. I’m using one of those tiny little hitching post closures from Tim Holtz on the front cover and added a metal eyelet to the back cover and tied a red & white checkerboard ribbon in a bow to the eyelet to use as the string to close the journal. It looks really nice next to some of the red fabric ruffles that are peaking out the side of the journal. For the spine I used a strip of vintage fabric that is tan with red stripes and in between each stripe are red hearts running down each side, I also added some red buttons to the spine with my glue gun as an after thought because I had already sewed in the signatures and I didn’t feel like doing them all over again, lol.

So, it’s coming along and I only have a few more pieces left to distress and add to the journal on the inside and then the journal will be complete. I am very excited to let everyone see it and am quite proud of myself for putting so much detail into making it. I just hope everyone else will love it as much as I do.

So, thanks for stopping by and hugs, PL (aka Mod Girl)

Reopened some new groups

Yeah, so I started missing my online groups and because wouldn’t let me reopen my old groups I decided to create some new ones. The names of the groups have changed but they are typically the same type of groups except for the psp group I opened. I decided to open a group where we share only tubes instead of all the other stuff like brushes, fonts, masks, etc… because we were mostly sharing tubes, so that’s why I made the decision to make that group into a psp tube group instead.

So, the links to my groups are located in the sidebar menu to the right of the page. I also opened an always list group too. My always list is where members can request tags from me when they are offered. All members will receive my tag offers through email and as a member you can reply to each tag offer that is sent. Easy, peasy, lol.

Printable Digitals

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon something I had wanted for awhile from a little second hand shop at the beach; a new Epson ecotank color printer. I couldn’t believe the price they had on it so I figured something must have been wrong with it but I kept asking so many questions about the item she let me have it at $100.00. Mind you, I had been pricing these at officemax for weeks and the price kept going up instead of going down, lol. So, to make sure the thing was working I had her set it up in her shop to test it out. The printer already had the ink tanks filled and apparently whoever had it had also purchased extra ink bottles that were never used and those were also inside the box along with the printer too.

So, after a few minutes of setting it up the thing started printing and omg you guys, it was a wonderful thing to watch. No jammed papers, the ink levels were all at the top and so you better believe I grabbed that printer as fast as my little hands could grab it, lol. The funny thing was, people were all watching and waiting to see if the thing actually worked and I guess they were thinking the same thing I was, that someone had dropped off a broken printer and they were trying to sell it to the first sad sack who came along, lol. Well, sad as I might have been before walking into that second hand shop I was as happy as a clam after purchasing that printer, lol.

And, after getting it home and setting it up, I’ll tell ya, I’ve been a printing fool for the past week or so. But, I was in need of some digitals to use in my crating and although I can make them myself, that takes time and trouble and when you have the money to spend you might as well put it to good use right? So, yeah, I spent an obscene amount of money this weekend on digitals at Etsy, lol. But, I made sure I can use all the digitals I purchased in my hand made junk journals so I am good to go. Woohoo!

Yeah, so anyway, I just thought I would share some of the links to the Etsy shops that I have purchased from recently and awhile ago. You know, to spread the love, lol. Hey, you never know. You might see something YOU like too. hugs!!

About The Give Away!

Well, I had hoped someone had taken me up on the offer for the giveaway but alas, no one ever did. I might try it again in the future but for now, I got bigger fish to fry, lol. And, in the mean time, I’m going to be having a sale in my shop. All my digitals will be reduced in price and some of my junk journals will also be for sale as well.

So, thanks for stopping by and thanks for visiting my site. I really do appreciate it. Hugs, PL aka Mod Girl