How About A Coupon Code!

How about saving a little money next time you buy any of the journals in my shop? Well, you can do that starting today until June 1st by using the coupon code below. Just add the coupon code to your order BEFORE checking out and you’ll save a few bucks! Sweet huh? So, here’s the coupon code I created for you:


Thanks for stopping by and have fun shopping! hugs, PL aka Mod Girl.

(digital’s are not included with this coupon code, sorry)

Database went down need to re-register

Hi everyone and sorry for the bad news but late last night my database went down and anyone who registered to my site will need to re-register all over again. These things do happen but it is rare. I found out that if you don’t update your database before you update the system the database can go down and that must have been what happened last night.

Anyway, my system has been updated and my database has been fixed and apparently what happened was a glitch or something that hardly ever happens. But anyone who has registered at my site will need to re-register because I now have a new database to work with. Sorry for the trouble! hugs, Mod Girl

Video Uploaded!

Well, I finally got my video uploaded over at youtube and it sure took forever, lol. I don’t know what the deal is with youtube lately but it seems like it takes that much longer to upload videos for some reason. Maybe it’s some new kind of algorithm they are using or something, I honestly don’t know.

I’m also embedding the flip through video below for those who don’t want to go visit youtube. And you can find this journal in my shop here:

Thanks for stopping by and hugs, PL (aka Mod Girl).