What I’ve learned from Coffee staining paper

I’ve spent all morning coffee staining a whole stack of papers for making junk journals. And, after spending a few hours of doing this “job”, this is what I’ve learned:

  1. You’re going to get your fingers all brown if you forget to put on some gloves.
  2. When stacking wet  papers on top of each other in the oven, be prepared for some papers to get stuck together.
  3. Don’t talk on the phone for very long while drying your papers in the oven because they will definitely burn.
  4. It’s best to have plenty of pans AND counter space when staining a lot of papers at the same time.
  5. Don’t make the mistake of walking away from the oven while drying your papers for very long or your oven WILL catch on fire.

So, now all my papers are finally dry so I decided to iron them because they were really sticking up here and there and I knew that just wouldn’t do if I was planning on sticking all these papers inside some junk journals. Another thing I realized after doing all of this is how down right messy I am at staining papers, lol.

A few days ago I started making 16 TN junk journals (TN stands for traveler notebooks) and I had a few coffee stained papers to put inside some of the journals (but not all of them) so that’s why I decided to take the time to stain some more. Then about a week ago before that, I got this great idea about doing an altered collage book. So, between working on staining papers, making 16 junk journals and altering a book, I am also busy working on embellishments to add to all my junk journals too. And I even managed to get a few digitals added to my shop so I guess I have been pretty busy lately, lol.

I was watching a few craft with me junk journal videos at youtube and it got me thinking that since I’ve pretty much done everything else there is to do with crafting, that I might as well try my hand at making  junk journals too. And omg, I am so hooked at making them right now, it’s ridiculous. Hopefully (very soon) I will be able to post some pics of my completed junk journals in my shop. But for now, it’s back to making some embellishments, lol.

Take care everyone and hugs, PL (Mod Girl).