Finished my Altered Book!

Woohoo. I thought it would take forever to complete my altered book but it has finally finished. Some papers have been pulled out and the others have all been covered with scrapbook paper, coffee stained paper and other ephemera. Now I need to add all the embellishments into the pockets and tuck spots. Hopefully after the pages are dry I can get a few previews together of the altered book. I’ll be adding it to my shop and it will go on sale sometime soon just as soon as I get those previews added.

After that, I need to to jump back on all those traveler’s notebooks I’ve been working on too. There are 16 of those and I already have the papers sorted for all of them. I just need to sew the signatures into each one and then I can fill it with a few pockets and ephemera. Wowsers, that seems like a lot of work but now that hubby is feeling much better I don’t need to watch him so often to make sure he’s eating right or taking all his pills each day. It was getting really hard to keep up with menu’s each day and making sure he took the right pills each day too. I’ve pretty much got all that taken care of now and can safely say he is doing a whole lot better than before. Thank heavens for that!

Okay, well that about does it for today. As soon as I can get some previews made up I will add all my new products to my shop.

Take care everyone and hugs, PL (Mod Girl)