I created this site so I could share junk journal supplies that I hand made and also junk journals from old books that have been altered and/or junk journals that I have made from scratch using my fabric stash and other embellishments I have laying around. If you need to contact me for any reason please use my email (button below) and I will get back to you asap. Thanks and hugs, Mod Girl (PL).

Now, here’s a few things about how I got started at this crafting stuff, lol. I started out in vacation bible school a very long time ago when I was around 5 or 6 years old. One the grown ups gave me a paint brush and a plaster of Paris mold that I could paint. It was the best fun I ever had and I remember taking home a yellow flower with yellow leaves on it, lol. Actually it was quite terrible but what did I know, I was a baby, lol.

Anyway, going through school I kept up with crafting but I was also starting to sew too and I was shown how to use a sewing machine very early in life. In junior high we had to make something to wear and then model it in a fashion show and the whole school got to see what we made. I made a jumper with a little pocket on the front and the pocket was just as crooked as could be but I strutted my stuff anyway and proudly showed off my sewing skills, lol.

When I went to college I didn’t have a lot of chances to be crafty but I did get a nice sewing machine for graduation and boy did I make a lot of stuff. The funny thing about people finding out you can sew is that they also want you to make them stuff too. So I’d tell them to buy the fabric and I’d make it for them and they were happy as could be. I was happy too because I was doing something I loved to do.

When I left college and got married and had children I also made my kids clothes. My kids were always particular about certain things they wanted to wear and I remember one year for Halloween my oldest daughter (who was 7 at the time) wanted to be a fairy princess. Money was really tight during those times when my kids were little, but I always found a way to do something special for them when they asked. I remember I had an old prom dress that was light blue and had a mesh petticoat underneath it. Well I cut that thing all up to make her a fairy dress that she could wear and half way through sewing it, my machine went kaput, so I had to finish the entire thing by hand. I sewed by hand hundreds of beads, pearls and sequins and when I got done I curled her hair into little ringlets and she looked so adorable I actually started to cry when I saw how she looked because she looked like a little angel instead of a fairy princess. But then she said, “Mama! where’s my fairy wings? All fairies got wings!” Well I grabbed a coat hanger and went to town on making her wings and tied them to her with a big satin ribbon and the little fairy dress was complete. I even managed to make her a fairy wand too, lol.

She came home from school later that day and proudly announced that she had won first prize for her costume and she had had a wonderful time wearing her fairy dress all day so I let her wear it the rest of the day until she went to bed that night, lol.

When my kids were grown I started making quilts. I have seriously made over a hundred a quilts. SERIOUSLY! Hubby had this awful job at that time and he really hated it. I was making so much money from selling my quilts that I told him to quit his job and he could stay home and help me cut out the quilt fabric so I could make more quilts to sell. He said that would be great so that’s what he did and we were the best team! Until…. as soon as his family members found out I was making quilts they started calling and asking me for quilts all the time. And when I say they would call, I mean EVERYDAY! It was getting crazy so I told hubby, you better go find you a real job because my quilt making is coming to an end pretty soon, lol.

Now, in between my quilting and crafting I have tried my hand at oil painting, crochet and knitting, tatting, needle work, embroidery and cross stitch, upholstering furniture, traditional scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking, computer web design and graphic design, and I have also made video games (now that’s a real crazy story) and so much more that I can’t even count them all. Let’s just say that if it’s craft related, I’ve probably tried everything at least once in my life, lol.

So then, one day I was on youtube and up popped a video from Gayle Agostinelli and my new crafting adventure began, lol. As soon as I saw that it was paper and you could use all the stuff that I already had laying around, I figured I might as well do that too. I mean I’ve done everything else I might as well right? That’s right. So that’s what I did. And I FELL IN LOVE with making junk journals! So that’s how I got started with all this crafting stuff and it has been a real joy to do it, I can tell you that!

I am so glad you stopped by and was willing to read up about my story and how I got started. I hope you find something in my shop that you will like. If you want something you don’t see in there, just holler!

Thanks and hugs, Mod Girl (PL)