Hey It’s Me!

Hiya everyone and thanks for being here on my little old web site, lol. I just wanted to let you all know that I have been trying with all my might to get some nice photo’s added for the product previews in my shop but my camera apparently doesn’t want to work like it’s supposed to. So, I have been messing with the settings a lot to see what I can do but the colors are really awful and the resolution is even worse for some reason. Not sure what is going on or if I am missing something, not sure. It is an old camera and hubby has the cell phone when he goes to work because they are always calling him on it to fix something.

Anyway, my products look much better in person, lol. But, I guess everything looks better in person though, huh? You can learn all about how I got started in crafting by visiting my About page. I just recently updated it.

Thanks and hugs, Mod Girl (PL)